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There is nothing better than knowing the person you are with is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. For this man he found and married the love of his life. They meant in first grade and never looked back, and their joke was always that they would live to celebrate their eightieth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately life happens to them and Amber, his wife, slips and falls in the bathroom and is rushed to the hospital to find out that she has a brain tumor. Ah he prepares to let her go her recounts his life with her and shares the terror he is feeling just thinking about living life without his love. Told from his perspective we see that even the most amazing love can come to a tragic end, but they are never forgotten.

Male- Love: From Child to 80

  • I met the love of my life when I was seven years old in second grade. And I know that sounds crazy but just hear me out. Sitting in the third row of Mrs. Kellogg's second grade class a new girl walked in. Mrs. Kellogg always wanted everyone to feel welcome so we went as a class around the room, we introduced ourselves, and we all shook her hand, her name was Amber. There's only once seat in the entire room and it was right next to me. Three weeks after Amber walked into my life I wrote her a note asking if she would be my girlfriend. (Laughs) The funny thing about the note was that I spelled girlfriend wrong G I R L F R I N D. I still laugh about that to this day, mostly because Amber never let me forget it. She said yes to me that day. She said kept saying yes every day since then. And when we were only nineteen years old and I asked her to marry me she also said yes. The love of my life, at seven years old. I don't think that people believe that the kind of love that Amber and I share is possible anymore. Not so much meeting someone in the second grade and spending the rest of your life with them but even high school sweethearts don't really exist anymore. But Amber and I got married we were nineteen and we've been married for the last six years. She's still the love of my life and she is still my best friend. I had to leave her at the hospital with her mother so I could come home and grab some things to make her more comfortable. I have no clue what to pack at this moment, which is crazy because I've known her for so long. But as I stand in our bedroom and I look at all of the things that make her mine, I'm just at a loss.
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