The story of a young man who is dead as he tells the story, the audience does NOT know this until much later in the performance. He shares with us his memories of his father and his mother. How they were the most amazing people that he knew and their lives were great. Until one day they sit him down to tell him that the mother has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. She soon passes away and his father soon transforms into a man that he doesn't even know anymore. The father is not the man that he use to be, and he never really gets over his wife’s death, he never sees the dad that he knew again. On the two year anniversary of the death of his mother the son decides to kill himself. In death he can be with his mom, which is better than the life that he is living right now. Which is why he is where he is, stuck as a ghost in his house. As he struggles to find his freedom he realizes that to free his father from his pain and guilt is to free all of them.

Male- Stuck

  • (Watching) Hi my name is Angelo. That is my dad. He is the best dad in the whole world and what sucks the most is that I don't know if he really knows it. When you’re a teenager it's not cool to hang out with your parents and it's not cool to give them hugs or to tell them that you love them and how thankful you are for them and how them being your parents makes life easier. Just not something you do when you’re a teenager but if I had it all to do over again I would've told them that I loved them a little bit more, see that's the thing about life; you can’t rewind it and you can't replace it. There's no pausing to come back and watch later it just constantly goes forward whether you’re ready for it or not. Growing up it was just the three of us: mom, dad and me. I think my parents wanted to have more kids but it just never happened and they were okay with that and I was definitely okay with being the kid that got all of their attention and all of their time. We would eat dinner's as a family and they would always ask me how school was and how my grades were, if there was any girl I had a crush on? (Laughs) Most of the questions I answered, but the older I got some of them became a little uncomfortable but again, that’s the joy of being a teenage boy. I was twelve when I came home, threw my bag on floor and went straight to the kitchen like always do for a snack. My parents are sitting at the table and my father was bent over, his head buried in her hands and he was crying. I could tell that she was telling him something big and they didn't expect me to be home so early. (Beat) We all looked at each other and I walked pass them really fast, I went into the kitchen, got my snack and I completely ignored that they were standing in the doorway holding each others hands the whole time watching me make my snack. I push through them I was almost at the stairs to my room and they said we needed to talk.