The most difficult bond to break is that of family. The connection that a father has with his son is not like any other relationship they will forge. For Devin (African American) his male role model came in the form of Pop’s, his grandfather. Pop’s told him about his great grand father who was a freed slave and how their bloodline came to be. He taught him how to be a man and more than that he taught him how to love. That in the midst of the abusive home he was raised in his father’s drinking and his mother’s inability to stand up for her self and her child Devin could still be a good person. Now Devin is in the midst of the greatest moment of his life, he is about to become a father. But as he sits in his unborn son’s room he wonders how he will explain to him that his grandmother is dead at the hands of his grandfather. How does he tell him that you can love someone and still decide that putting them in prison for the rest of their lives is the best decision for everyone involved? And through all that he still remembers moments of joy and love, he still knows that his father loves him. He still holds onto the values Pop’s taught him but as a man and as a person he refuses to allow his son to live in the same shadows that he lived in. It is in the passing down of stories and sometimes artifacts that history is made. This piece is a brief moment in time for a young man to reflect on his life before he brings life into the world that was created for him.

Male- The History Of Truth

  • (Scene opens with Devin, an African American man in his thirties trying to put together a baby’s crib. He is humming something slow and sober like “Sing Low Sweet Chariot” laughing at the song choice but it is reflective of his present challenge. He stares at the instructions from different angles, front and back, looking back to the pieces and in frustration drops everything. He laughs at his mess.) When my wife told me that we were pregnant a ton of terrible things went through my head because I’m “that guy.” (Laughs) I am the guy that drops hot coffee on myself on my way to work at least twice a week. I’m the guy that if I’m carrying a suitcase it will hit every single wall, crack, bump in the road, and archway possible. I’m the guy that people point and laugh at in the restaurant because no matter what I eat 50% of it will end up on my shirt. And now Mr. messy, Mr. always slipping and falling on absolutely nothing, Mr. complete freaking mess is about to be a dad. (Laughs) Holy shit. I wasn’t ready. I can’t even put together a stupid crib. (Beat) All jokes aside I’m scared. Not for the kid, the kid will be fine I’ll make sure of that, but you know when you come from a family that isn’t the best (Beat) actually closer to the worst, you fear stuff like this. Right now as I stand in my sons’ room I…I fear bringing him into this family and having to explain to him why it’s so completely messed up.