An African American man on the countdown to his last breath on earth takes the time to share with us how he got where he is and how he feels and has come to terms with his sentence. Through the stories that he tells we find out that sitting on The Row can change him for the better or at least bring him to a point of contentment before he makes his last walk.

Male- The Row

  • They say that I lost control, that the things that I have done are amoral. I say they can all kiss my ass. I mean shit happens right? Seriously, in my life it was a matter of when is the next axe going to fall? Because I knew at a very young age that the axe was going to fall and I damn sure knew that it was always going to fall on me, that was the life that I was living at the age of seven. (Beat) Don’t judge me. Don’t shake your head back and forth at me like I’m the fucking deviant. I’m no different than any other serial killer “My mommy and daddy didn’t love me. My big brother raped me. I was molested. I was beat.” Yeah, I been there and done all of that, or rather all of that was done to me. So yeah I am exactly where I should be in the hole at Rikers Island on death row. But if all of those things happened to me don’t you think that I was doomed from the beginning? Do you think it’s at all possible to get through all of those things and not end up on death row?




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