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When a man and his family move to Asia and experience the worst tsunami on record he finds himself fighting not only to save them but to save his sanity. While sitting on the beach with his family an earthquake rattles the sand and in an instant they find themselves running for their lives. But when his wife gets swept away and he decides to leave his children to go and look for her he must live with the consequences of his choices. In an effort to save everyone he finds himself as the only man left standing. The poetry in the way in which he describes this horrific experience is like no other natural disaster explanation. As he revisits the beach to get closer to his family he begins to realize that this evil ocean that swept away all the people that he loved didn’t leave him out…as in the last moments he finds his family in the clouds and walks on the ocean waves hand in hand with them. 

Male- Wave Of Destruction

  • What is the most perfect day for you? Is it playing in the park with your children? Is it going on a cruise with your husband or your wife? Is it sleeping late on a Saturday morning in absolute silence and being delivered breakfast in bed? (Smiles) We all have something that makes us happy. The most perfect day that I've ever had with my family was definitely spent at the beach. The sun was just right my two kids are playing in the sand and I am sipping a perfectly wonderful beverage right next to my beautiful wife. We were lucky enough to live that day, every Saturday we would load up the car and drive a few blocks over to the beach. My wife and I moved to Asia when my daughter was two and my son had just been born. It was quite a culture shock. Being an American in a foreign land, being anyone in a foreign land is a shock to the system but we loved Asia and it was the only home my kids really knew. Asia is known for a lot of things, migrating American families is not one of them. (Laughs) Sometimes you have to go where the wind takes you, right? When I came home and told Janet that I had this opportunity to be a Vice President of over seas operations for my company she just looked at me, she put her hand on her hip and she said, “What’s the catch?” (Laughs) I laughed, she laughed but I knew how serious she was. I told her that the catch was that we would have to move to Asia. (Beat) After she screamed, cried and brought out her high school yearbook to look over the memories she collected herself, told me she loved our family more than anything and said, “As long as I can be a housewife.” (Laughs) And that was that. We packed up and she became the best housewife in our beach town in Asia. My kids were so young they never really knew any home but Asia. And I have to admit; it was a quite wonderful life. (Beat) The kind of life that you hope that you have: happy wife, smart kids, success and a beautiful beach at the end of your street. The life.
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