Sydney Jacobson speaks to us on the day of her execution. Sharing us a story of heartbreak and love. The unconditional relationship that she had with her best friends at seventeen years old has put her where she is today. She recounts the days leading up to the moment that changed her life. The focus of her story is to remind us all that as teenagers we make bad decisions and sometimes those decisions have the power to affect us as adults. Her story reminds us that the best thing we can do presently for ourselves as adults is to teach our young people that all of their decisions have consequences. And that sometimes in the eyes of the law age doesn’t justify or excuse a choice that they have made. Sydney loves her friends and when one of them is hurt a harsh decision is made to retaliate. What happened is not something that she can fix, or apologize away, but rather a decision that changed the rest of her life. In many ways she stopped living life as she knew it that night and started living in the reality that she wishes she could take back. But through her years of experience the one thing that Sydney recognizes is that she can’t that one thing she can’t do his regret, because you can’t change it, you just have to learn how to except and live with it.

Female- No Regrets

  • (Scene opens with Sydney; she is a forty-year-old woman pacing back and forth in her cell. She seems calm but definitely has a harder presentation. She is in the midst of an interview. The question is asked, “Do you have any regrets?)


    Regrets? Do I have regrets? (Smiles) Interesting question, I guess. After all these years I have no time for regrets. (Laughs) Given my situation I guess I actually do have time for it, I have nothing but time. Regrets is that stupid thing that the district attorney asked me on the first day when I got arrested at seventeen years old. “Do you have any regrets Miss Jacobson? Sydney. Any regrets?” Back then I started crying and asking for my mom, where are my friends and all of the other bullshit that you do when you’re a teenager and you’re weak and you’ve just been arrested for the first time. (Beat) Well I’m not her anymore, and I’m not weak anymore. I have been inside of these walls for the last twenty- three years of my life and in about an hour… Regrets? (She laughs)




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