A Collection of Poetry About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Red Gray White Black, The Count, Obsessed


A day in the life of someone suffering from OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be a difficult one full of repetitions that can be debilitating and stop their ability to live. In “Red Gray White Black”we see how someone with OCD can hold onto a color and it takes them into another world of connection. For them red may represent a flower but that thought takes them hours to let go of, to a point of obsession. In “The Count”we hear the inner monologue of someone living with the disease. How does their mind work? How do they make it through a day? How long does it take them to get ready for work and get out the door? It is sadly a continuous game of counting to achieve their moment to moment goals to live their life. In “The Obsessed”we see what someone with OCD understands their life to be as they reflect on their lives. Remembering back to a time when they were normal and reminding us that they would love nothing more than to go back to that time but the repetition won’t let them go anywhere but where they are, in the moment, doing their routines. They just want to be normal, they just want to live again.

***This piece is not written specifically for a male or female.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Memories often throw me for a loop

    Loops throw me for a whirl

    Whirls take me to circles

    And circles

    And more circles

    And and and…


    Finally, I land back at home

    Stuck like a mime in my reality

    That is a dark cloud walking on the ground

    Unable to live in the sky because it is sick

    Like all sick things it cannot function

    Like me it cannot live.

    But I want


    I want to live.

    My mind won’t let me

    Like a light that never changes

    Hand blinking red

    I wait

    Hand blinking red


    Numbers begin to count down

    Anticipation to see the walking man

    Red hand

    Legs begin to shake

    My mind knows it should be time to go

    Mind moving forward without moving

    Brain bubbling over like a happy new year’s message I never got

    Red hand

    I want to live.


    There are rules to life

    I follow the rules

    Rules are here for a reason and I follow them

    Red means stop

    Green means go

    Yellow confuses me




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