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There are a lot of things that we have control over in our lives and a lot of things that we don't. We cannot force others to believe or think the way we do. Nor can we expect others to see us the way that we see ourselves. In this collection we specifically address the idea of being a woman who is different and misunderstood. The poem I’m Just Different shares the story of a teenage girl who recognizes that she is not like her classmates. She is secure in the way that she feels about herself recognizing the people she goes to school with don't know how to take her and that makes them nervous, but it doesn't bother her. She tells us about all of the things that make her who she is and the reality by the end of the poem is that as people we need to accept that everyone is different and just because they're different doesn't mean they're not exactly who they are supposed to be. Misunderstood focuses on that exact idea. Misunderstood can mean a lot of things it can mean misunderstood by the clothes that you wear, the way in which you speak, maybe you have an accent, maybe you don't accept being spoken over or spoken at by your male counterparts, maybe you speak with your hands. Separated as individual ideas this might not bother someone but when it's all put together being received by one person, a woman, it can definitely make life challenging. Worry not, the joy of being a woman is that of course they will share exactly how they feel, uncensored, and uncut.

Being a Woman & Misunderstood: I’m Just Different, Misunderstood

  • I’m just a little bit different.


    Laughing at the end of a scary movie

    Because I knew who the killer was the whole time.

    How did you not know

    Not see that

    Remember in the opening scene when…

    Yeah, that’s me.


    I’m just different


    When my teacher asks for volunteers to read

    Or write

    Or answer the question on the board

    I avoid eye contact

    hope that I have magically drifted into the wall and she

    Can’t see me

    Like a superhero I have made myself invisible

    Not because I don’t know the answer

    4.571 billion years old,

    The question is how old is the solar system?

    I always do my homework, I always know the answer

    Just feel nervous when I have to speak

    In front of other people.


    I’m just different


    My truth isn’t lived until I’m at home

    I walk in the door and am met by my dog Ralph

    He thinks he’s a cat

    Trying to climb trees

    Thinking he can sleep in the windowsill

    His love and kisses make me laugh

    My laugh brings my mom out of the kitchen

    Where she is always cooking dinner

    smells so good

    Putting on my apron we talk about our days

    Listen to music

    She teaches me how to properly stir the soup

    You can’t just do it; it has to be done right.

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