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In the world centuries ago, decades ago, weeks ago and today people who are members of the LGBTQAI+ community have been under fire. It may be that their decision to live their life as they see fit is being challenged. It is possible that someone wonders if this is real, a game, a phase, what is this exactly. Either way the idea that being in one’s own skin is not good enough creates an unsafe space. That they have to justify who they are and fear the repercussions on a daily basis, is unfair and traumatizing. In this collection we will look at what is necessary to create a safe space for members of this community. In Going to Build a Safe Space we explore the idea of what a safe space looks like, why it’s necessary and why it can’t be that all spaces are safe spaces. While in Why is Tolerance So Hard?  We will address this pressing question. Why is it necessary for people to live how others have decided they should live? Why is this idea something that continues to be passed down generation to generation making people feel like who they are is less than the next person who has made the conscious decision to go down a different path realizing that the choice I have made for me doesn’t have to be the same as yours but that shouldn’t mean that you can’t accept my choice, tolerate my presence and move on. Why can’t we just do that?

Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQAI+ Individuals: Going to Build a Saf

  • The decision has been made

    It’s done

    Mind set

    Time to get to work

    I am officially creating a safe space

    Right here.

    Where is “here?”

    It is everywhere I go

    Every place I lay my head

    Every organization I work for

    Every school I attend.



    Do you ask me because you really want to know?

    Or because you think I didn’t see you and your privileged

    Friends hiding behind

    The door

    Your notebooks

    The fake smiles and waves and rolled eyes that you think

    I don’t see every day but really



    For every microaggression that you throw my way

    My friends and I are swinging at your fastballs and knocking them out the park

    Of bigotry



    And all of the other phobias that live in our world that you have the privilege

    To not be a part of.


    So again, I ask, do you really want to know?



    I’ll bite

    Bite off a piece of the beautiful cake on the outside

    That looks like perfection

    From the cake shop down the street

    But when I begin to chew, I realize that I am

    Trying to get nourishment

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