It is important to support the voice of the new poet. The new generation of new thinkers, new leaders, new young people who have something to say and this collection is a representation of four new poet voices of color from Inglewood, California in 2019.


A Collection of Poetry About Hiding Emotion: Reality Plagued Prayer, Gaping Wound, Anita, Ash/Phoenix Rising

A Collection of Poetry About Losing a Dad and Being a Father: One Hit and You're Out of Here, Hero Without a Father

A Collection of Poetry About Abuse: I Watched, As a Result, Not the Man I Should Be

 A Collection of Poetry About a Broken Family: Demon, Glue, Late

And from Kristy Thomas: My Random Poet Thoughts: I Think I Called It Love, My Note, No Love, A Feeling I Get Sometimes, Hero, Love, Speak

Poetry Collection: New Young Voices Volume I- 19 poems