There is nothing more embarrassing in the life of a “coming of age” young woman that going bra shopping. This event is even more tragic when you have to do it with your mother. Through this shopping experience we see the challenges of shopping with your mother for just the right fit, while laughing at the memories of being in this young woman’s shoes. And though the experience was forever life changing, as she takes this step toward becoming a woman she realizes that there is no one else in the world she would have rather shared it with than her mother.

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  • Hi, this is a mantra to all teenage girls like me who will one day grow up to be women like you. Repeat after me “Bra shopping is the most evil thing that the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ ever made a teenage girl do and if I could pray it away I absolutely would. Amen.” The time has come. I am going into my freshman year of high school, and it is time to go from training bra into…wait for it…real women bras! Going from a small, medium, large to a number and a capital letter for my size. I feel violated already. The terror comes over my soul as I accept this reality but the scariest thing about the new me is that it means I have to figure out how over my summer I am going to A. Avoid going bra shopping with my mother B. Buy, steel or hand stitch my own woman bra C. Do it without anyone knowing that this “time of my month” is happening and D. Still enjoy five minutes of my summer.




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