The greatest joy as a man is the day that your wife tells you that she is pregnant. A million and one things go through your head. But the most important thing, the thing that all parents pray for is a healthy baby. When a man is told by his wife that she is determined to have an at home birth, he agrees because he doesn’t know to ask questions. He trusts that what his wife wants is what is best for everyone involved. But when there are complications at home will there be enough time to save the baby? Or will husband and wife be left with the fact that their decision affected this outcome. Told from the perspective of the father sharing the longest fifty-seven hours of his life.

PR- 57 Hours Of Hell

  • Do you see this? This is me and my baby boy Jacob. Isn’t he cute? With his fat little legs and his puffy red cheeks. Now this picture is a picture of his mom, my wife Kaci. This is back when she was beautiful and sweet and the love of my life…that slowly changed into this picture. I know, why does he have a picture of the grim reaper and why is he saying that it represents his wife? No, it doesn’t represent my wife, it is my wife, or at least it was my wife. Here is the truth. This is for the men in the room. You have to listen to me so that I can save your life; it is one simple rule of man-ness. Hold this close to your heart and no matter what she says; don’t let her talk you out of it. Stand strong men, unite as one group for the sanity of all that is normal, are you ready? Do not ever allow your wife to talk you into a home birth. It is evil. It changes them and it is not fair. Why God? Why?




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