In American history there have been many times of racial tension. In recent years there has been another rise of racism that makes us realize that we are not removed from it nor are we immune to it. In “All For You” we are engaged in the story of a Mexican- American teenage girl Lucia that reflects on her life in America and how she got here from Mexico. She tells the positive story of being an immigrant then becoming educated by the woman that her mother worked for and her and her brother taught their mother everything they learned. Until as a family they all are able to become American citizens together, as a family. It is not until her senior year in high school that her and her brother are accosted by a group of kids at their high school. They are called names and beaten for no other reason than they are from Mexico. It is in this moment that she realizes that no one is immune to the discourse of racism. They are able to make it out of this moment, get home, and still reflect on their lives, wondering if this is home or if their home lies back in Mexico. Home is where the people you love are. 

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  • Three, four, five…five generations of my family are pictured in this family photo. The oldest being my great great grandmother who was one hundred and three when she died all the way down to, me. Right there in the front on my mother’s lap, Lucia but my family calls me Lulu because my brother couldn’t say Lucia when he was little. I was the youngest at the time of this picture. My mother gave me this copy of the family because she would always tell me, “This is who we are. We are the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons of the ghosts of Mexico. We are the workers whose hands built our land and we came to America hoping to do the same. Always remember them, everything they did it was for you. All for you.” A group of people that worked for me when I was only a thought. The generation that they never thought could do what we are doing. So today, I pack my backpack and get ready to go to my high school for the first day of my senior year. I’m on my way, the first person in my family to ever go to college. The child of ghosts, becoming present in a land we never thought could be ours.




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