A woman shares her story of mourning hoping that maybe telling someone might free the pain in her heart. She will never forget the day she asked her husband why he felt the need to have so many guns in the house, “To protect my family” was his response and she accepted that. But years later when she receives a call from the police to come home, her life was forever changed. Arriving at the home she gets the information that her husband thought their son was an intruder and he shot him as he got a bowl of cereal out of the kitchen. She recounts that evening and the time since the shooting. She shares her heartbreaking story of living a wonderful life with the man that she loved who adored her and their son that brought her pure joy, to loosing her son and walking away from her husband because she just can’t forgive him for what he has done. As she moves forward she finds herself asking all of the questions she should have asked before they started a family, “Why do you need so many guns?” She can’t seem to forgive herself for a situation that she feels she could have prevented.  Her pain is raw and her story will affect every person who knows someone with a firearm and a family.

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  • My husband Steve told me when we first met that the reason he had so many guns was so he could protect his family. But at that moment he didn't even have a wife so protecting his family was complete bullshit but I understood, and I loved him for it. Actually, I didn't understand but I respected that when he had a family he wanted to be able to protect them. He had collected: 16 handguns in different shapes and sizes, a few shotguns, six rifles, and eight old school revolvers. Is that what it takes to protect the family? I really couldn't tell sometimes, I think there is a difference between protecting our family and feeling like we are preparing for something. Because if you ask your husband what he has so many guns for and he says that he wants to protect his family, you better sit him down and make damn sure protecting the family is always the priority. That's my biggest regret in life, not really knowing the answer to that question.




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