On April 20, 1999 two teenager walked into Columbine High School and started shooting. Many years later we commemorate that event annually with prayers, moments of silence and laying down flowers, but then the next day it is back to life as usual. When a student is given an assignment in his political science class to observe the news and come back to class to discuss it. Unfortunately for this student the assignment became an obsession and then an experiment. How many guns could he buy? How many eyebrow raising t-shirts could he wear to school? How many times could he tell his parents that he was thinking about hurting people? How many guns could he bring to school and show off to his classmates before someone said something? On the final day of the experiment he packs his backpack with the guns and ammo that he bought, walks into the school and shares his experiment with his class. Is he making a statement that speaks to gun control in America or did he just take his experiment too far? He never hurts anyone, never puts anyone in danger but what he did do was show how easy it was to live under the radar even if you are trying not to. This story shows us that we have to open our eyes, we have to see what’s there and say something when we do.

PR- An Experiment

  • Do you know what happened on April 20, 1999? I mean, think about it. Something very memorable happened on that day. April 20, 1999…okay here's an easier one for you what about September 11, 2001? Oh, all of you know what happened on that day, right? On that day in American History the worst terrorist attack happened against the United States in New York City completely demolishing the Twin Towers, which created the skyline for that city. September 11, 2001 I wasn't even born yet. But I remember my mother telling me when I was about five and we had an event at my elementary school in memorial of the event and I asked her why? Why was September 11th such a sad day? She looked at me and she passed me my coat and my backpack with my super hero lunch box and she said, "There will be certain days in your life you will never forget. I will never forget where I was on September 11, 2001. I hope that there is never an event that you will remember like that one." I didn't understand it then but now, now I understand. My political science teacher started to require that we watch the local and national news. I never thought that something as simple as the news could be so enlightening, and depressing, and infuriating.




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