Samaira is a simple woman from a very poor village in Bangladesh. Her story begins there, sharing the challenges of growing up in one of the most impoverished areas in the world and how her family was able to push through. Her village is then visited by the Prince who vows to assist them. Through this he sends a member of the royal family to interview and speak with the people of the village, and this is where Samaira meets Reyansh. They quickly fall in love but due to societal constraints he is not allowed to marry a woman so beneath him. They decide to leave it all behind and move to America to start their life, completely walking away from both of their families and all of his fortunes. As the years pass they find themselves calling America home. Soon they get word that the royal family has found out where they are and is coming. When Reyansh is confronted by his father he has a decision to make. For Samaira it is simple, we are together, married, living our lives let’s keep going, but in an instant Reyansh decides he needs to honor his father and marry the woman they have chosen for him. He walks out of the house, never looks back, never contacts her, never returns and never knows of the daughter she was carrying. She was able to find the strength to pull herself up and move forward. Finding that she could absolutely stand on her own two feet and take care of her child. Her daughter is what kept her going. It was through the loss of her husband that she realized she had a power within her she didn’t know she had. It allowed her to become independent and thrive working for a non-for profit that benefited poor areas like her village. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to truly challenge us to step up in a way we never thought we could.

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  • My name is Samaira, it means enchanting. My mother would always tell me how special I was. She wanted to make sure that I understood that no matter the circumstance that I was special, that I was important to someone, and that I should never see myself as the world sees me. How does the world see me? Just a picture on the television screen in the commercial add asking for help with the poorest countries, the people who are desperate for your support, “Please give a dollar here and you can feed a family of five for a week.” I’m sure you always wondered if that was true? It is. Especially where I was from. My parents never wanted me to know that we were poor. They never wanted me to feel that I was any less than anyone else. They did a very good job at sheltering me from what was real. They taught me that the best way to be successful is to except your circumstance, and if you don’t like it don’t complain about it. “Get up and change it,” is what my father would say. “You have to be willing to work.” And that is exactly what I did. But he never warned me about love, never told me that love can derail any situation and turn it into something I never thought it could be. Love has power. A kind of power I knew nothing about.




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