Some wonders what it takes for a child to loose their innocence. For the young woman in this story it started the day that her parents sat her down and told her that they were getting a divorce. She translated this into a situation where their divorce was not only her fault but that she wasn’t a priority for them. She made it her mission to make their lives hell. Everything she cared about she let go of. Her classes, after school activities, no thing mattered anymore except making their lives hell. Then her best friend Brian who she has known all her live falls in love with her and she with him and finally someone loves her. His parents send him away and at fourteen she finds herself hustling her way from Texas to Arizona to find him. They end up living on the streets robbing people, in a Bonnie and Clyde kind of relationship. She then finds out she is pregnant. She wants the baby and without even a conversation Brian kisses her and walks out of her life forever. She makes the decision to immediately go home, finds the courage to ask her mother to allow her and her soon to be grandchild back into her home and with much joy her mother says yes. She does exactly what she said she would, she became the best mother possible. Her hope is that she can give Brian’s mother some closure by telling her that he sends her anniversary cards every year. After speaking with her mother she realizes that the worst thing for a parent’s to suffer through is the not knowing. Now that she is a mother, she truly understands that.

PR- Bonnie to His Clyde

  • This is a picture of Nina. She is the most amazing three-year-old girl I have ever met in my life. It’s funny how life changes, I don’t mean literally funny I mean in a truly, “holy shit, what is happening, why me” kind of anyway. My mother always said I had a dry sense of humor. She said that when I was a little girl no one really understood why I found life so funny, but it made everyone laugh to see the energy and electric presence that I would have. They would always say, “that little girl is going to grow up and be something wonderful. With that mouth and that energy maybe a lawyer or even a judge.” And then life happened. My dry sense of humor landed me the most amazing boyfriend, at least in my 14-year-old mind he was everything. That boyfriend then became the father of my three-year-old daughter...Nina. Talk about a wrench being thrown into your life. But she’s mine, not sure how i actually got to a point where I could just stop and reflect over all the shit that happened and smile, maybe it’s that energy inside of me...maybe it’s hers.




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