Alcoholism is a difficult addiction or disease to overcome. Especially when you are dealing with a woman who knows she has a problem and has decided to do nothing about it. As she recounts the moment in her life that should have gotten her sober she realizes that no matter how much she drinks she can’t drink away the reality that she is solely responsible for the death of her sister Beth. After Beth’s death she is cut off by her family and never misses a beat with her drinking. It is an honest look into the world of an alcoholic that owns every bad decision she has made and knows that she doesn’t have the strength or knowledge to get sober. She now has no one to live for so she dedicates her life to drinking to tease the pain.  As she raises a glass on Beth’s birthday which is also the anniversary of Beth’s death she must accept that as she nears her own death to liver cancer she is content with the fact that when she goes she will once again see her sister and she will again be loved. 

PR- Bottoms Up

  • My first drink was at the age of eight. I'll never forget I climbed onto my father's lap while he was watching Sunday football and he told me to hold his beer. I was a kid you know. I assumed that when he gave the beer to me that he was saying it was okay for me to taste it. Needless to say it tasted like crap. I spit it out all over myself, my father, and my mother, both of which laughed hysterically at me and my now beer soaked pajamas. My sister Beth was laughing too although I don’t think she had a clue what she was laughing at. I jumped up totally embarrassed and swore I would never drink again in my life. Look at me now, twenty plus years later and I won’t be seen without a drink in my hand and all of my drink mixing skills being put to work on a daily basis. I guess it’s not something most people are proud of but I’m good at something, and making drinks is my thing. A little vodka, splash of this and that and a twist of lime and shake. Sometimes I get my hips into it. It's almost like doing cardio except I definitely don't lose weight but I love the activity of making drinks and mixing and pouring and topping it off with an olive or whatever seasoned fruit I can find. Because… drinking is fun. No one is going to pay me for a PSA but for me, drinking has always been fun.




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