High school can be difficult. For this teenager high school was her greatest dream that turned out to be her greatest torture. The story of a young girl who is living in a small town in Texas and sheltered by her mother who saw her as “different.” But when her already sick father gets sicker and her mother must send her from homeschooling to public school she experiences a terrible form of bullying. In a room full of strangers, she was her mother’s greatest fear, an outcast. In the midst of her day there was one safe place, with her theatre teacher. In the climax she breaks away from another dreadful experience and makes it into the safe arms of her favorite teacher. After that day she never returned to school but she did overcome the bullying and make it on her own. It took a while but she eventually learned that it was okay to be “different,” okay to be who she is, okay to be gay.

PR- Coming From A Small Town

  • I had a teacher once that said the reason she loved teaching theater was because it was the one class that everyone wanted to come to. It was the one place where everyone could be themselves. The nerd could let loose, the football player could not be masculine; the cheerleader could be smart. And it was the one place when you walked in the door you were safe from harm. I guess I just never understood why the only time I heard that was in her theater class. "On your worst day my door will be open to listen to you or just let you cry." I tried to make it to her room that day...all of those days. But I couldn't make it. There were too many of them and I couldn't get to you, to my safe place.




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