Ones own sexuality can be one of the greatest challenges for a teenager to overcome. The idea that straight kids don’t have to come out to their parents but gay kids do. This is a coming out story. One full of comedy as one boy tries to figure out how to come out to his parents. He enlists the help of his gay and straight friends asking all of them to weigh in on just how he should do it. As much as the process is humorous it also brings a sadness that this is the step that he must take in his life. As he is rehearsing his “coming out performance” he doesn’t realize that his parents have walked into the room. Sometimes the unexpected is better than the rehearsed. He is accepted and loved and appreciates that his parents only wanted him to know that he was special for who he was, period.

PR- Coming Out

  • There are certain days that I walk into my school and the only thing I want to do is vomit. And not in the, “I’m so sick I should have stayed at home” vomit or, “the meatloaf surprise in the cafeteria isn't sitting well in my stomach” vomit kind of way but in the, “listening to the teenagers at my high school talk about their long -lost -memories.” Seriously? Like they remember when gas was $1.95. And they remember when a loaf of bread only cost blah, blah, blah. And they remember when the king size candy bar used to be twice as big as what it is now for half the price. I want to look at all of them and I want to projectile vomit so that they know how full of it they are, this is my high school every single day. I have to say privately I'm laughing at them. Thinking how much I want to nonviolently punch them in the face. I guess they have their ridiculously unimportant memories and I have mine. Like the day I told my mom and dad I was gay.




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