Chase is a special young man. His parents did a great job making sure that he understood what it was that made him different than all the other kids. Chase, at a very young age was diagnosed as autistic. He shares with us his story that his parents told him about how they found out and how they felt about his diagnoses. They even made sure that he could explain it to other people. His parents experienced many set backs that were surrounded in the inability to find proper support for him. Chase wants us to know that he is different but he’s still like any other young man. He wants to graduate from college. He wants to be a father but more than anything he wants for schools and people to support children with special needs and don’t discount them or think of them as helpless. As he says in the piece, “With some support I would be helpful.” He has a great awareness that makes him sharing his story that much more special.

PR- Different At Birth

  • Hello, may name is Stephen that is spelled S-T-E-P-H-E-N. It sounds like there is a “v” in the middle but there isn’t. It’s a “ph” not a “v.” It took a long time to understand how to spell my own name which is funny to some people, that I hard a hard time. I was only seven months old when my mom and dad thought that something wasn’t quite right with me. As I got older the more then knew that something was definitely wrong with me. And not wrong in a good way, wrong in a bad way. Wrong in a very bad way. Wrong in a way that made mom sad and dad was sad too but because he’s a man he tried to hide how sad he was from mom but mom is smart and she could tell. Dad was sad to, that made her super sad and both of them just wanted me to be normal, ya know, like all the other kids at the playground but I wasn’t I was different at birth.




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