In Falling From The Top we are told a story that is based around the struggling economy and how no one is truly exempt from the effects of the world happening around us, It doesn't matter how much money you have, it happens to us all.

PR- Falling From The Top

  • Character 1 Do you know who I am? I love my life. Some people say they want to be as famous as Michael Jackson. I look at them and laugh. My thought is always, “You don’t want to be as famous as Michael Jackson. You want Michael Jackson’s secret.” No one really wants the fame. No one wants to not be able to walk down the street without a security force of 10. To have to call every establishment you go to ahead of time to warn them. No one really wants that shit. But what they do want, what they mean to say is they want his secret…his money. And see I laugh because I have that. Character 2 Ya know nothing makes me happier than to come into work every day and see these rich sons a bitches comin’ in here with their nice suits. Dumb ass wives with no knowledge of the hookers they sneak in and out of the back door. Back. Yeah the hookers work on their backs. They beat down my back. And the wives turn their backs on the red lights flashing right in their faces. So don’t act dumb Hilary when you find out about Bill. You knew, You saw, You played your role And you turned your back. As I break mine. “Yes sir” I say, because I can’t afford not to.




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