High school is already said to be one of the most difficult times in the lives of children, but when you constantly feel like an outsider those feelings are magnified. This story is one of a young man that is larger than all the other kids. He gets made fun of my his brothers and their friends and clearly does not have a strong relationship with his mother since the father is out of the picture. He relies on his drawings of superheroes to push him through. He dreams of a superhero that will stand for everyone and end bullying. A simple kind of guy that he has named “Gentle Giant.” It is not until he is in his English class and a girl does a speech about the importance of being our own super hero does he finally believe that there is someone out there that understands him. He gets the courage to speak to her, which is the moment that his life changes. She turns out to be someone that supports him in his crusade and even has drawn a superhero of her own that becomes Gentle Giant’s sidekick. This story is a coming of age experience for this young man in the difficulties of life. The sad reality that sometimes we are not what we look like and that deep within all of us is a superhero destined to be born. He makes you laugh with his wit and cry because when his heart breaks our breaks as well because we understand who this kids it. Because at some point in all of our lives we have been him.

PR- Gentle Giant

  • Before we get too far let me start by saying that I am not a football player. I have never been a football player. I actually don't even like the game of football, shhh don’t tell anyone. That would be one more thing to add to the list of things that are wrong with me. So when you look at me and think, of course this big guy plays defensive of end, center, or something in the game of football that requires a big burly guy that when he stands on the line people get nervous. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!! Was that scary enough of no? I’m trying but it’s not really my thing. I draw, that’s my thing. I’m the nerdy big kid that carries around a good art pencil and a drawing notebook everywhere I go. I create creatures, characters, and allies that I make come to life on paper. I hate to disappoint you but I am not that big guy, a bully, a fighter or a full back. That's not to say that I don't understand it. I do, I understand that when people look at me it comes with a certain collection of assumptions. People assume that I play some kind of sport that requires me to be violent: football or wrestling, even though the spandex outfits are really not my thing I believe I could probably rock a spandex one piece. What do you think? I joke but sometimes I feel like I am a disappointment, not for what I am, but from what I'm not.




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