Jeffery is one of the sweetest kids you’d ever know. He is a good student, a great son, and an all around nice guy. Jeffrey, however, is ready to take the next step, a girlfriend. All of his weird friends have girlfriends and as prom quickly approaches Jeffery is concerned that he may not be going to the most important event of his high school career. So he turns to get advise from the best person for teenage relationship advise…his mother. In the end he finds out that the advise from his mother may not be all too bad as he finds the courage to cross the street, knock on the door and ask the girl of his dreams to be his date to prom. This is a funny story of a great guy trying to get the Guts to enjoy the Glory of Prom.

PR- Guts, Glory, and Prom

  • To look at me you would think that high school will be a time when all of the cheerleaders, volleyball players, cutie pies, all of the girl nerds- pretty much everybody would look at me and think, “Hey there's a tall good looking guy...” you would think that right? But I'm in high school, I'm a senior, I've been here for three full years waiting for the news flash that says, "Hey girls I'm officially here!" Anyone? Anyone? Nope, no one. Maybe you? Nope? Okay, no pressure. All my life I've been the good guy, and all my life I've finished last, so just call me, "Jeffrey, friend to many boyfriend to none.” My mom used to always tell me, "Jeffrey you'll grow into it. Jeffrey your time will come. Jeffrey your perfect girl is right around the corner." And I know my mother would never lie but I looked around the corner, I look around every corner, I looked under corners and I didn't find her and she didn't find me.




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