There are thousands of diseases in this world. Some have an outward appearance that makes others stop and stare, some do not. For this young man when he began to loose his hair, all of it, he knew that something was wrong. After many tests and specialists he is told that he has a disease called Alopecia, baldness. It doesn’t hurt him, it won’t kill him, but for the rest of his life he will not have any hair anywhere on his body. He struggles with the stares that he gets, the thoughts that people have that he has Cancer and is dying. He wants to just be a high school senior. He doesn’t want to be bullied or starred at. He wants to be normal but because of his appearance he will never be that. Luckily his father has made it his life’s’ mission to make him laugh and smile, to make him feel normal. With help from his father and his grandmother who is dying from Cancer he begins to see life in a way that lets him let go of his anger and live free of giving other people his power. Through the eyes of a teenager struggling to make sense of his present situation he realizes that hell, it’s just hair, who needs it?

PR- Hair Who Needs It

  • If there is one thing that my; bald since he was seventeen years old father always tells me it’s this, “Son, you might not have any hair but let me tell you the ladies love the smooooooooooth head. Hell, I use to tell your mother that the reason I had no hair was because of the constant stress she put me under and she still stayed.” Sexy! But seriously, let me just start by saying that I do not have Cancer. I have never had Cancer. But I get those looks, daily. That’s why my dad always says funny stuff like that to make me smile, feel better. I never wonder what people are thinking when they stare at me because I know. Because I used to look at someone like me, someone with no body hair and I would think how sad it was that this person is in some stage of Cancer. It might be a stage of recovery, might be the last stage of their lives but the thoughts were always there. Now I look at all of the people looking at me and I want to tell them, “My Daddy says I’m sexy. It’s just alopecia.”




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