The story of Kristen, a beautiful girl who is plus sized and wants to be a model recounts the day at the age of five she found out she was fat. On this day she has a dream that she is a size six. Through the words in this prose we find out that sometimes the things that we think are what we want, aren't always the things that make us who we are. Through her comedic presentation we are left feeling nothing but loved and accepted.
(This is a reflection, she is not playing a child within the piece)

PR- I Had a Dream I Was a Size 6

  • Okay, okay, okay, let’s be honest. The sun is shining and, the trees are blowing in the wind and I am a plus size model. Can’t you see it? I stand 5’8 which is model height, I have all of my teeth, in order and in a shade very close to white, I have a great sense of style- clearly and I can give face look at this pose, or this one, and this one is my favorite because I saw it on that model competition and one of the “plus size models” did it here it is, Pretty nice right? Right. Thank you for supporting my big girl dreams of being a model. When did all of this modeling start? Blame it on my daddy. Oh God I was a daddy’s girl. I was the baby and I know he loved me and gave me way more attention than he ever gave my brothers. But he would always tell me how pretty I was. And I believed him, he was my daddy and daddy is always right, at least mine is.




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