The connection between twins is said to be one that is unexplainable and often never understood. The bond that they have allows them to share things with each other that others may not understand. When one twin sends a short text message to her mother while driving and looses control of the car killing her twin sister she most figure out how to put her life back together. How does she accept the present to move forward toward the future? How does she wake up every morning and not regret that her life is still moving and her sisters’ life is not? Married couples speak of losing their better half, when Ashlyn dies her sister feels that exact same way. But as she speaks at her sisters’ funeral at the request of her mother she begins to understand what healing is and how she can continue with her life while never forgetting the affect her sister had not only on her but also on the world. A story that will make you think twice about the next text message you feel like you have to send, it is never worth the unknown circumstances.

PR- I Sent Three Little Words

  • It was a Tuesday July 14th. I’ll never forget it. Much like a wedding, birthday or anniversary there are a few days that are etched into our brains for the long haul. July 14th is one that will forever be in mine. My sister Ashlyn and I were going to do a girls day. We had the best girls days: breakfast on the beach, mani pedis and we would always end with a nice chick flick. Something that would make both of us cry. Today we only got as far as the beach. I jumped on the highway headed to the spa as Ashlyn was putting on make up and talking to her boyfriend on speakerphone. I was driving and texting my mom. I never saw the traffic stopping. Never saw the side rail. Never saw the tree. In the blink of an eye. Just one blink.