The most important job of a teacher is to connect and positively affect the lives of their students. And in come cases to make the decision that could save their lives. As a woman shares her experience as a teacher on the day that the school shooting isn’t on the television it is a present threat within her school. At first she follows the rules set by the school then she makes a life changing decision, to keep her students safe and fight. She decides to send her children out of the room to save them. When all of the students make it to safety it is her turn to run but she is stopped by the gunman. He asks her is she is prepared to die and as her students are safe her job is done. He lowers the gun and walks in the other direction but before he disappears he thanks her for being the one teacher that made school a little better. A story of fear and hope learning that the purpose of a teacher is to change the lives of children and sometimes it is the child that you didn’t even know was listening that is changed the most.

PR- I, Teach

  • I had only been a teacher for exactly two years, seven months and three days when the principal came over the loudspeaker and called a Code Red. Do you know what a Code Red is? It's some; it's like when something is happening on the premises that could severely threaten the safety of everyone in the building. I don't think they did Code Reds before Columbine. And now with all of the school shootings happening it's almost become an expectation. I don't even know if we call them tragedies anymore. I remember Columbine happening, I was just a kid and my mother tried to explain it to me. She said that a kid and his friend came to school and hurt the other kids. I remember looking up at her and asking her why someone would want to hurt a kid? She started crying. She hugged me and told me that I had such a good heart I would make a wonderful teacher. She was right.




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