A sad but reflective story of a teenage boy who comes out to his parents thinking that he is just being honest with himself and finds out that the person that he is, is not one they can accept. They take him out of school and force him to be locked in his room reading pamphlets and papers on how they are going to “fix” him and save his soul from going to hell. He can’t understand what he did that was so wrong. But it is when there is no hope that life doesn’t seem worth living. In the final moments he decided to write his parents a note reminding them of the family they use to be. Then he goes for a walk and as he remarks on the freeing feeling of the wind on his neck a truck comes by and he jumps. Finally finding his light and walking in his freedom.

PR- In/ Out

  • My mother and father have brought me another box of pamphlets and paperwork. This is the third month of my not being able to leave my room. They have withdrawn me from school, taken away my phone, my computer; they have completely isolated me from the world. They said that it's because when someone is going through what I'm going through the only thing they need to experience are their thoughts. So I sit here every day and I read the pamphlets and I make notes and my mother comes in three times a day and brings me food and my father comes in three times a day and sits with me to read over the information that they left the day before. And every hour on the hour we pray as a family. We pray that the Lord will save my soul. My mother prays that I will not burn in hell and my father prays that the devil will release his hold on me. Silently as they are praying I ask God why? Why do I feel the way that I feel and why do my parents hate me so much? Because I told him I was gay? I sat them down in the living room and I told them that I love them and I told them that I needed their support and I told them I was gay. Without missing a beat they told me that no son of theirs would wear their last name and be a homosexual. I don't know if their response surprised me as much as watching my family fall apart the days thereafter made me want to kill myself.




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