The story of a boy who is by all accounts invisible in his life. He feels like his family doesn’t see him, he has no friends really, and all he wants is to be heard by someone. When at the age of two he is diagnosed with a learning disability his parents treat it as an illness not to be dealt with, so they don’t. As he gets older and his parents have more children he realizes that he is truly on his own. Until he meets Star, another girl in his class that is just as quiet as he is. They become the best of friends, in essence she is all he has. Until one day in class when one of the kids is bullying him and calling him “retard” and the only thing he can do is the one thing he’s never done, fight back. The fight ends badly with the other student in a coma and him removed from school and institutionalized. Through it all Star still comes to see him, but finally he can look in the mirror and see a real person looking back at him. No longer invisible, no longer alone.

PR- Invisible Me

  • I never had an invisible friend when I was kid. I guess I never thought I needed one, because I was him. I was my own invisible friend. The last thing I needed on my conscience was creating someone who would be just like me. Now looking back on it I think to myself maybe having an invisible friend wouldn’t have been so bad because I wouldn’t be alone. I'm not sure which methodology is right but I do know that I'm invisible to the world around me, like a vampire looking into the mirror and seeing absolutely nothing. No person, no man, no substance, just invisible.




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