Just Another Day chronicles the day in the shoes of a black woman. It is important for others to try to understand that there is a freedom that comes with not being a person of color. So as this black woman stands before the audience and explains the ins and outs of her day starting with the home that she wakes up to and her family life. Making sure to address all of the stereotypes that she does not fit but is aware of. Next, making her way down her street she says good morning to her elderly neighbor who reminds her that the world does not like her, something she expresses every morning. To walking through the halls of her school and the information, the whispers about the black race that she addresses from Kaepernick taking a knee, the rate of black men incarcerated, the connection to slavery- Civil Rights Movement- to the present power of the media, and finally a meeting her mother felt she needed to have asking the older black men to share with the younger black men who to be who they are in live in 2018. This is not a story about blaming or pointing fingers, it is a story that is seeking to teach in hopes that those listening will understand. That they will realize that there is comfort in the skin that they were born in knowing that there are many who did not choose their color but must accept it and wear it, making it fit as comfortably as they possibly can. This is an educational story of sorts, just a simple walk in “a day in the life of.” It just so happens that this character is a black woman, and the day is hard as hell to get through.

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  • Don’t be scared. Don’t run out of the room. Definitely don’t grab a hold of your purse and look at your white counterparts in fear. I am just a person, a woman, another strangers face that you look at every single day, I just happen to be black. I wish I could put all of that on a T-shirt and wear it seven days a week. On Monday the shirt would be white on Tuesday black, on Wednesday purple, on Thursday and so on and so forth you understand what I mean right? Probably not. What I mean is I have tried my best for so many years to hold in my anger, and my disappointment in- a part of me wants to say humanity but sometimes it’s just the people around me. Sometimes it’s white people, sometimes it’s not. People are so afraid to address their ignorance, but I encourage you to. If you would just listen to me explain to you what it feels like to be black in America in 2018. To tickle your funny bone about the life that I live on a daily basis. Because we can choose to be skinny or fat. We can choose to be loud or quiet. We can choose to be nice or mean as hell. But I cannot, and I did not choose to be black, that was chosen for me. But I am now at a point in my life where I will not be silent anymore. So, if you must grab your purse, I suggest that you hold onto it tight because these words just might blow it away. Is that stealing?




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