Abe sees himself as any other man his age. He has fond memories of childhood and he absolutely loves his mother. When Abe was a young child he found his dream job was to stand in front of a room of people and tell jokes. Through a series of events he was able to make his dream of being a stand up comedian come true but when his mother attends her first performance she does not see the humor. Abe is then faced with a career changing decision, do you follow your heart and do what you love, or do you give the utmost respect to the woman that gave her life for yours?

PR- Knock Knock

  • Who is your favorite comedian? Don’t have one? Oh you are missing out. You have to love stand up. I grew up sneaking downstairs and literally laying on the floor and watching Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor on cable doing stand up. I would always stand in the mirror with a comb in my hand and pretend like I was doing what I had seen them do. I’ll be honest I was not funny. Not even a little bit. My first stand up set consisted of a list of knock knock jokes. Oh man I took my school notebook out every night and wrote out jokes starting at the age of eleven. Who does that? I’m sitting in fifth grade fantasizing about being the teacher for no other reason than she gets to stand in front of a room of people and they have to listen to her. That was my dream, to have a mic in my hand and put a smile on people’s faces.




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