In the wake of the biggest mass shooting in American history to date this story revolves around the Las Vegas shooting of 2017. A young man decides to celebrate his 25th birthday by surprising his parents with a trip to Vegas for the music festival. Little did they know that his surprise would quickly turn his world to a darker place than it has ever been. When they arrive, he introduces them to his fiancé Jesse, they were surprised but excited to see him so happy. The group arrive at the festival, and as they are joying the music Jesse suddenly falls into his hands, his hands now covered in blood. As he holds her he also watches his father and mother go down. At the hospital his parents are in surgery and his fiancé has died. His parents recover he tells them that she has died. This story shows us that we are never ready for loss, no matter in what kind of a tragedy. This story is not about the shooter, the situation or sensationalizing. This story is about love, loss and being able to reflect on how even in the midst of a tragedy love should always win.

PR- Last Dance

  • My mother said that she was hoping for a Halloween baby. I always laughed that, and I would tell her, “Mom does that mean you were hoping that I would be a terror when I came out?” That always made her laugh. I didn’t wait until October 31st to be born, absolutely not. Much like I have lived all of my life I had my own plan. I was going to come out kicking and screaming whether they were ready for it or not. Clearly, they were not ready. I joke, but my mom and dad were the most amazing parents ever. My mother didn’t have me until she was almost 40, severely complicated pregnancy. She literally almost lost me four times, four times my father had to leave work early, four times my mother was rushed to the hospital, two times they kept her in the hospital for more than two weeks on bedrest. She did all of that for me. Being a parent, it’s a whole other stack of responsibilities but I was lucky because my parents took their responsibility very seriously. So, it was a no-brainer when I heard about a country music festival and it was right around my birthday, I had to take them. I saved up for four months and bought us tickets and I even had a surprise for them. The biggest surprise of my life. Sometimes, we try to live our lives according to a plan, but those things that we plan for end up being the biggest regrets. Yeah, biggest regrets.




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