Told from the perspective of an old man who is reflecting on his life and many years of commitment working as a janitor at a local high school. Celebrating his fifty third year at this school he remembers everything from the first day of his job to this day, the day of his retirement. He lets us know that though even the quietest of people in our lives, the people that we are so use to seeing that we don’t even see anymore, are still important. They are still alive and they are still very much active people. He recounts the memories of all of the children that were ignored by others but in their most emotional moments he created lasting relationships with them, relationships that helped them to live another day. We must remember these people; they too can save the lives of children.

PR- Living In The Olden Days

  • Not too many jobs out there for an old man like me. I think that’s the reason that I stayed here all these years. I’m coming up on fifty-three years at this here school. Never been at another job and never been at another school. People don’t work like that no more they jump from job to job trying to find something that they think they missing then they look back over they life and realize they spent most of it running away. Just running and tired and they might not ever realize that sometimes you just have to stay where you at and maybe you never find perfection but you can at least say you committed yourself to something. Now that is admirable.




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