Marty is a different kind of guy, he is a sensitive guy. All he wants is to find a girl that will love and appreciate his sensitive side that he always thought women wanted to see. Marty decides to create a men’s group that meet and talks about men’s stuff in a sensitive way. Cry if you need to no one will judge you here. Unfortunately and sadly no one but his sister shows up. This was the one big idea that Marty had in his life and like everything else it fell flat. But a late knock at the door changes everything when a woman who is looking for a sensitive man decides that this meeting might be the place to find her husband, and she finds Marty. It is a funny and sweet story about the hearts of men and the souls of people in general. At times we do things to better ourselves not knowing that great things are just on the other side of the closed door.

PR-Man Up

  • My name is Marty and I'm desperate, what can I say. Girls just don't like me. And I don't get it I am a good-looking guy I have a nice job. I have an apartment. I have a car yet I can't get past the second date. I don't know what it is...well actually that's not totally true. Can we have an honest conversation? I mean can I talk to you about my deepest darkest secret that keeps me up at night and sad during the day? Sometimes I cry. I see homeless puppies on TV. I see the mailman walking through 6 inches of freshly fallen snow and I feel for him. I see a mother rocking her baby to sleep and I'll tear up. What can I say? I am a different kind of man. I am a new breed of man that women just aren't ready for. I am a sensitive man.




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