Tells the story of a teenage girl that finds herself addicted to the faces that she started out admiring in magazines as a young girl. She is now a teenager; all of the walks and ceiling in her room are covered with pictures of these famous “friends” that she believes she has a relationship with. She starts watching television for hours upon hours everyday and when her parents find out she has not been going to school so that she can stay home and watch television they remove all of the televisions from the home. She attacks them, breaks down and they allow her to be arrested and committed into a rehab facility. Addiction is addiction.

PR- My Best Friends Are Famous

  • Do any of you have a best friend that you've actually never met? No one? Anyone? All of you are looking at me rather strange but let me explain the situation. I'm addicted to magazines. Actually I'm addicted to the people that are in the magazines. And I don't mean the random old woman that's doing an add for adult diapers, not that there's anything wrong with her, my thought is always, "Good for you for getting a spread in a magazine no matter what the product is." Or the twenty something year-old guy who’s standing there with a milk mustache asking me if I've got milk? I never really got that one because seeing a hot guy with a milk mustache just makes me want to give him a napkin and tell him that it's a complete turnoff to see that on a grown man and he's a hot mess. When I was nine years old my mother bought me my first slash and trash gossip magazine and I was in Heaven.




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