In this serio-comic portrayal of a woman who finds herself in love with the people and relationships that she sees on tv. It begins as a fun loving sharing of sorts of her experiences and her addictions to television. Soon we see that the saddest thing in the world is to only have people that love you on the other side of a screen. These relationships aren't real and the love that she has for them is not real, but in the midst of the story we come to realize sometimes the people that we depend on most are the those that we love only from a distance, and only in our minds.

PR- My Life: A TV Show

  • I absolutely love reality shows. I know what you’re thinking, why on earth would this dashingly beautiful girl want to waste her time on that trash? I know, I thought it too but after an episode of Real House Wives of whatever city is the biggest and baddest city in the United States and watching women pull each other’s hair out because clearly some man thought “How can we get women to cat fight for ratings…MAKE THEM LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE TOGETHER!” But I remember when it all started, back in 1992 when there was a television show that boasted about being a group of strangers that were brought together to live in a house for the summer. I was forever changed.




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