For the princess of the ball this story follows a teenage girl who reflects on her life as a princess. She lived the life of the homecoming queen and wanted nothing more than to be known by all, not caring if she was loved or hated. But when an alcohol addiction takes over her life she must leave the palace of the life that she has always known to work to try to fix her life and get things back to the way she remembered them to be. Living every decision day-by-day trying to stay focused and most of all clean and sober.

PR- Princess Of Wine

  • My goal in life was a simple one; I wanted people to know my name. I wanted people to hear the name Lacy Simpson and smile because they know me. But, as it happens sometimes in life the things that we want are not the things that happen and they are not the things that are real. Reality is a funny thing, you wake up one morning and everything is going your way, the world is yours and with one choice, or a wrong turn of the wheel you life goes from perfect to pure hell. I am living in hell right now and I honestly don’t know if I will ever get out from under it. Because you see, I put myself here. I did this…to myself. In high school I was a varsity cheerleader and everyone, I mean everyone wanted to either be me, or be friends with me. I was the true epitome of a rich bitch. Every stereotype in the book, I was it.




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