A young woman recounts her most difficult moment in high school: her last speech in English class. The assignment was simple to write a paper and present it as a speech about someone who influenced your life the most. The decision was simple, her father who had died years before. A death that took her child mind to a silent place, she didn't speak for years. She had lost her best friend and she became the poster child of inclusive. When she entered high school she didn't have many friends, didn't talk much and didn't stand out to anyone. But when she was given this assignment she was forced to tell the story of what silenced her so many years ago and how she found out who her father really was and that the one person who wanted to help her the most, her mother, was her hero in a life changing way. Forgiveness is a powerful thing.

PR- Silent Hero

  • I hate high school. And all of the things that other people look forward to, yeah I hated those too. Football games, volleyball, lunchtime, prom night, and graduation. I wake up every morning thanking God I was one day closer to being finished. It wasn't because I was bullied, an outcast, picked on, beat up, talked about, it wasn't anything like that. I just didn't fit in. Honestly, I didn't fit in anywhere. Guess the whole thing about high school is walking down the hall seeing groups of people, the clicks, so segregated and private and no one wants other people to be in there group. And I didn't want to put forth the effort to be in anyone's group. I guess what I'm saying is the reason I hated high school was because I didn't have any friends. That made those four years feel like a lifetime spent alone.




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