All Gracy Stewart wants is to be seen and accepted for who she is by her parents. Unfortunately she is the child that doesn’t have the success of sports like her brother or blessed with perfect beauty like her sister. The stress that is put on her by her parents to be successful at something, to be more like her brother and sister becomes too much for one person to bare. She looks at herself in the mirror and sadly sees nothing. Because of this she begins to decline. She was fine with being good at things but not being great, but her parents were not accepting of that. She finally decides to quit all of her activities, her attempts at being great and starts to fall way below what even she is capable of. But in an instant her life changes when she watches a spelling bee an begins to connect with the seclusion of burying herself in a dictionary at the library and engaging in the art of spelling bees. She has finally found herself. As she stands on stage getting ready to spell her final word she looks out to see her mom, dad, brother and sister sitting in the front row, signs raised “Go Gracy!” It is in this moment that she realizes and shares with her parents that all she ever wanted was to be accepted and loved for who she was, and not their expectations of who they thought she should be. This story is a testament for all children experiencing sibling rivalry to show them they can achieve but to also share with their parents that average can become extraordinary. 


  • I looked out into the audience as sweat fell into my eye and burned like hell. Blinking hard, lights shining in my eyes I look back to the announcer, “Can you repeat the word again please?” Wiping sweat, my mouth is dry and wet all at the same time and the only thing I can do is hold my breath. I might pass out. Get it together Gracy, you can do this. Take a deep breath and focus. “Antediluvian” I knew this word. I got it. Now start spelling. “A-N-T-E-D-E-L-U-V-I-A-N antediluvian.” I smiled, I knew I had it right and no faster than my heart had stopped pounding the harsh buzzer sounds louder than a car accident that I am the passenger in. I had spelled it wrong. I lost.




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