What is in a name? For a boy named Jackie, a lot. Being born into a family full of girls and parents that were hoping for five girls, but got four girls and a boy named Jackie. When Jackie’s father passes away he finds himself the man of the family surrounded by the strength of his sisters and his mother. Determined to keep his promise to his father he steps up in all of the little ways he knows how. In honor of their mother’s strength as a single parent the girls decide to perform a beautiful sibling dance for her mother at church. Jackie is not a dancer but commits to becoming one for this performance. We get to see the bond that they have with each other as a family, the humor of the dance and the love the children have for their mother. This piece is a funny and heart felt story about the love and strength of family.

PR- Thanks Mom: A Boy Named Jackie

  • This is mine. Once when I was a kid my sisters and I wore these for a performance, a medium sized spandex dance shirt and glitter black pants. My name is Jackie. Don't laugh I know exactly what you're thinking what you're thinking, "This is a guy and his name is Jackie?" Welcome to my world. My world where I am the youngest of five, the only boy, and 100% of my life has been spent with my mother wishing that I were a girl named Jackie. My name is actually Jackson but as long as I can remember my mother and my four older sisters always called me Jackie. It was an interesting childhood. But I love them nonetheless we only get one family, at least that's what I heard, we can't choose them, you get what you get.




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