A teen boy talks us through how he found and fell in love with the love of his life. A love that turned addictive very quickly. His father warned him that he was bordering on being a stalker but he informed his father that following her and making sure she was safe is love and nothing more. But when he finally gets the courage to announce his love for her in a big way at the homecoming pep rally in front of the entire school with a song, he knew his prayers were about to be answered. Elizabeth begins to cry and exits the room; she didn't feel the same way for him. He never returned back to school and ends the piece with his suicide note.

PR- The Price To Be Loved

  • Her name is Elizabeth. She walked into my chemistry class freshman year and luckily our parent’s last names were close so every class I had with her I knew we were going to sit by each other. I was in love with her on the first day and she never said a word. But Elizabeth wasn't the kind of girl that you just talk to because she's nice and pretty. She acted like she was above people, she talked down to people but I knew her heart. I thought it was cute that she acted like that. I would sit by her at lunch and listen to her talk about this celebrity does this in jail, that celebrity does that, how cool it is that they do whatever they want, no matter what because of their status they still get magazine covers, and attention. She always thought it was cool that celebrities could get away with anything. She said once "I want to be famous just so I can treat people like trash and they'll still love me.”




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