A Mexican woman shares her experience of being an American born citizen to immigrant parents during the 2016 election. She works as a nurse in the labor wing of a hospital and she compares all of the hate to that of bring a baby into the world. The freedom that the baby has, they aren’t’ tainted, or rude. They aren’t mean or angry. They don’t yet have anyone yelling at them the things or people that they are expected to hate in their lifetime. If only all of the adults running the world could be so clean. In her mid twenties she shares her experience of voting for the first time with protestors outside yelling very hateful things to her. Out of curiosity she goes over and asks why. She is then yelled at but after she votes one of the protestors comes to her and offers to talk to her about everything. The two women engage in conversation that presents the possibility of understanding and change in the midst of disagreement. The Wall is used as a term to represent the things that we all have to overcome to achieve something as simple as day-to-day life. After the election day comes and goes and the headlines are reading as they are she finds herself concentrating on the children, the innocent ones that are surrounding her daily and she wonders if that nice woman ever thinks of her. We can all get over the wall that stands before us, whatever that wall may be. There is no bashing of any politics or political figures in this piece, with the exception of the mention of the wall.*

PR- The Wall

  • Recently in the news I read an article entitled, “To Build a Wall, To Not Build a Wall, That Is The Question.” I didn’t laugh at how ridiculous the title of the article was; I laughed because the whole concept was ridiculous to me. We spoke of the wall initially thinking that it was a figurative wall. That is what the news kept saying, that we weren't speaking of a literal wall, but a fictitious wall. Like saying “building a wall” really met to tighten up security on the border and make it stronger. Oh, now everything makes sense not a technical wall that makes sense. Fast-forward and fast-forward and fast-forward and we find that there is no rewind button. We are deep in this, looking at the news for clarification. We cannot take it back. We cannot change the past, and the present is scary, we can only fear the future. Am I the only one living in fear? Let me explain my fear, my families fear.




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