On May 20th 2013 Moore, OK was rocked by one of the most destructive tornadoes in all of history but for seven-year-old Mikey and his big brother Kevin it was just another seventh birthday. As told through the eyes of a teenager Kevin shares the day that the tornado ripped through their town but more the affect it had on him and his little brother as it ripped through their lives. He remembers the day as if he were stuck living it every moment. From singing happy birthday and sharing cupcakes with Mikey’s class to the roof of the elementary school being torn off and tossed into the eye of the storm. Both boys remember watching “The Wizard of Oz” as kids and thinking that tornadoes were so cool, that they had the power to take you to a magical place, but in the wake of the real thing the innocence of a child’s imagination is lost, blown away with the rubble. It is a touching story of brotherly love and how a deadly tornado can truly put life into perspective, even for a child and his big brother. 

PR- The Wonderful Wizard

  • May 20th was my brother Mikey’s seventh birthday. A lot of my friends hated their little brothers but Mikey was pretty cool. He would come in every morning, jump on my bed and say, “Get up Kevin. We get to go to school today.” In his young life he still thought that getting up before the sun and going to school was the best thing in the world. It made him laugh every single morning and having him run in my room and jump on my bed every morning beats an annoying alarm any day of the week. But this morning he came in singing happy birthday to himself, loudly. “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me happy birthday to Mikey happy birthday to me.” In my daze I may have joined in on the last few notes. He crashed down on the edge of the bed and asked if I was still going to come visit him at school today for cupcakes. “I wouldn’t miss it kid.” On May 20th, 2013 my kid brother Mikey turned seven years old, he got a bike, he showed off his new shoes to his friends, he kicked my butt in video games at breakfast, on his seventh birthday he lived through one of the worst tornadoes in American history. On his seventh birthday we lived in Moore, OK.




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