In the midst of dealing with the household matters of his recently passed away parents a man finds out that the foundation of everything that he was raised on may not have been as solid as he may have thought. Does he have the strength to hold on to the memories or will the present situation kill the adoration for the parents that he knew and loved.

PR- Things My Father Taught Me

  • This is the house I was born and raised in. Nice right? The biggest house on the block for the best parents a child could ever hope for: two level, three bedroom home to grow up in, “No sex, no drugs, no girl no problem” my dad would say. My parents my parents were the best people. It took me six years to get to the point that I could refer to them in the past tense. I would always catch myself talking about them in the present, like they are still alive. I love my parents, instead of I loved them. My parents are the best parents ever instead of were. It’s little things like that, that make standing in this house so difficult. What are they saying about me? My parents were very clear about their expectations: college, major in something high profile, make sure that I make enough money to take care of myself and my family, never, never ask them for money after I start my career.




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