A young white woman, Stacy, in her early twenties shares her experience dating an African American man in college. She had never looked at him for the color of his skin but for him being a great person and amazingly smart. But when the murders of African American men become an active part of life her boyfriend James decides that he is going to lead a protest on campus. He asks her if she is going to attend, for a moment she didn’t know the answer to the question but she then agrees. The protest is well organized, attended by faculty, students, news outlets and security. When James steps to the podium to give his speech a shot rings out and James goes down. Stacy rushes to his side, he is alive and asks her for a favor, to present his speech to the crowd. As James is taken away in an ambulance Stacy cleans the blood off of his note cards, stands at the podium and gives the speech. It is an amazing moment that shows the intentions of a speech don’t change because the person giving it does.

PR- Where I Stand

  • I never really understood the purpose of walking in someone else's shoes, or even wanting to. I understood the idea. I understood that if I stand here before you a young white woman that there are only so many shoes that I've actually worn in my life, most of them shoes of privilege and all of them quite comfortable. I don't know that any of you would want to walk in my shoes at this particular point in my life. My father says that I have become a rebel, which secretly made him proud, my mother says the problem with being a rebel is that you have to have a cause. I told both of them I am a rebel and I do have a cause. I didn't at first, no cause, no purpose just tagging along because I didn't want anyone to call me a racist for not being supportive. At first I just got caught up in the rush of the moment, the anger everyone felt. I think that's what happens when we say, "Wrong place wrong time," is that at some point it wasn't. I was there to stand hand in hand with my 6’1, principals honor roll, only child, living in the suburbs, African-American boyfriend.




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