Mary is a woman in her twenties walking around in circles in the white cell that she now calls home in the mental institution that she has been confined to for the past few year. She shares with her doctor the answer to his question of the day, “When do I feel my mind started to break away from me?” This question takes Mary into the story of her childhood where she was at first the only child and then her life changed when her little sister was born. Her parents started paying more attention and giving more love to her than they did Mary. Mary found herself getting her “attention” from her Uncle Ray who had moved in. A counselor at a local high school, everyone thought he could be trusted. Through the eyes of Mary we see what she saw living on the farm, loving her little sister but not understanding what made her so special, trying to come to terms with her Uncle’s choice to abuse her and not her sister and the sad reality that her parents and sister knew and turned a blind eye. Finally Mary’s mind breaks and she finds herself playing with her sister on the highest beam in the barn a place that they weren’t supposed to be. But as children do they laughed and played and climbed until her sister Becca fell and died. Was it an accident? A push? Mary shares her honest soul with her doctor asking him to, just once before she dies call her beautiful. As beautiful as the white roses that she fell in love with at her sister Becca’s funeral.

Pure White Flowers

  • Dr. Russell… Dr. Russell… there is no reason for us to play these childish games. I know you are watching me. (Looking into the security camera) Dr. Russell, I really don’t feel like we have time to waste. You have questions (Laughs) and I can’t wait to answer them.


    Dr. Russell you always start our sessions with a question, I’m glad you decided to speak to me today. I would love to answer your question of the day. (Beat as she listens to his question.) “When do I feel like my mind started to break away for me?” Now that is a prize-winning question. As you know I grew up on a farm with my younger sister Becca. She was three years younger than me but from the day she was born she was my parents’ favorite. I think there’s something to be said about being the youngest, and the one that is the most pure and innocent. At a very young age my father‘s brother came to live with us. He worked with kids. Like, he was a counselor at one of the local high schools. Uncle Ray was, different. I guess that’s what all siblings are…different. (Beat) The kind of guy that made your hair stand up but you didn’t really know why? Sometimes he’s just stare at you like a kid playing the staring game but he never told you that you were playing.




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