CollectionA collection of pieces from the stories shared by friends and family of their experiences in 2014. 4 Duo'sThe New PartyNia and Jackson are an African American couple in their sixties a visit from an old friend’s grandson brings their lives full circle when they are asked to assist in leading the new party.TransitionKevin is a teenage boy struggling with his sexuality. He wants nothing more than for his mother Janet and his father to accept him for who he has decided to be. Brotherly LoveKristen and Blake are siblings; Blake begins to make decisions that land him in jail. When he gets out he is a different person and turns to alcohol to make him forget the past and deal with the present. Kristen gives Blake an ultimatum stop drinking or lose her as a sister.Super PowerAmy and Troy are excited to be expecting their first child. When their doctor tells them that their child will be born with a life altering disease, they have a decision to make. Both parents are immediately affected by this news but will their love be able to work through this?  

Reflection: 2014- 14 pieces

  • DI IQ-The story of Charles a teenage genius who has recently bee diagnosed with schizophrenia. To Be Continued- Danny is diagnosed with Cancer. A sci-fi fan to the core, he tells his story inspired by the movies he loves so dearly. Hide And Seek- April is hiding a secret but is forced to confront her secret life of abuse, finding that sometimes the hardest person to confess to is oneself. Twilight- For some patients in Hospice, their journey is nearing its end and special people like Letty Hernandez guide their souls to the next path. As told through the eyes of a hospice nurse. Prose Going Through The Stages- Chloe is a woman that is struggling to come to terms with the untimely death of her father. In the wake of his passing she takes her first drink that begins a downward spiral into the darkest places she has ever been. A Touch Of Beauty- As he is studying to be a mortician he realizes that sometimes it is what we do that affect others that may be the true calling of our lives. HI Show and Tell- All five year old Monica has prayed for lately is to win the Show and Tell competition in her kindergarten class. Reunion: Destination Cruise Ship- Family vacations always suck when you’re a teenager but they are really bad when you are stuck on a cruise ship. Poetry A Collection About Not Fearing Black Men: Black and Presence A Collection About Suicide: Misunderstood Art, Transcripts, 4:02, Table #7




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