Puerto Rico is a beautiful island paradise that visitors often take for granted. It is located right on the ocean so that its shores are home to some of the most amazing beaches but that is only what people who don’t live there see. This collection is from the heart of a native. Someone who knows Puerto Rico very well and calls it home. A place where the skin of its native sons and daughters as been kissed by the sun and the view of life from their perspective is calm and enchanting. Always recognizing the importance of family, the balance of having everything you need and not realizing that you don’t have as much as others because it doesn’t matter and the most important part of home- Mama’s cooking. The poem For the Love of Puerto Rico shares with us everything there is to love about the island from the views to the food and the all-around feeling of home. From sun rise to sunset the life of turning in constant circles, what it means to live life there. Which is balanced with I Hate Maria, a poem that tells of the destruction that hurricane Maria left on the island at the point of impact and still many years after.

Reflections on Being Puerto Rican

  • Nothing better than waking up

    Not just the act of

    But where that awakening takes place

    Location is everything

    Location is what makes us who we are

    Location is where we take our first steps


    So first I woke up

    Then I crawled to walk

    To the window and through the

    Crack of the tan curtain in my mama’s living room

    Was the burst of the sun

    Not just any sun but the sun over my

    Home, my land, my island of Puerto Rico.


    Curtains open to a land that cannot be

    Truly described by words

    Because the vision is so spiritual

    Like heaven had been sprinkled down

    On this land of beautiful tan people

    Skin perfectly kissed by the caramel Gods

    The mixture of creamy milk and tents of sunlight

    You can only see it if you’ve seen it

    I have it, all over my body and flowing through my blood

    Puerto Rico.




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