On what seems to be a normal day a man walks into a bar and approaches another man, sits next to him and begins a conversation, simple enough…as it seems. This is a story that crosses from one world into another when a stranger comes in and starts a conversation with someone that he knows but this man doesn’t know him. As the story unfolds the stranger tells the man about parts of his history, his life and his family. He explains to him that he is from another time where things that die live again. The stranger recounts to him a tragic moment in his life that changed him forever and he is still holding onto the guilt of it telling him that this is the reason that he can’t move on with his life. In the end the stranger shares with him how he knows him. How the stranger is in fact his brother and that in a world where everyone has an opinion that they have to and voice sometimes those voices become screams and decisions are made that affect people for a lifetime. In the world of the stranger all things that have died live again and he is one of them. By the end of this story he reveals that he is sitting next to his brother that lived, because their mother experienced a tragic situation that forced her to make decisions that forever affected both brothers and the lives they are living right now. This story shows us that sometimes outside forces can come in and change our perspectives on decisions that we have made and also the decisions others have made that affect us.

Male- Stranger

  • (A man enters a bar. He looks around for a moment then he focuses in on someone he sees. He makes his way to this person and invites himself to sit.)


    Mind if I join you? This isn’t the kind of place I would normally be(He looks around, feels uncomfortable) but you’re here so I figured it couldn’t be half bad right? It’s strange, this life that we live. You wake up every morning, you shower and lay out your clothes for the day and you stand in front of a mirror and survey yourself. Looking at your reflection from every angle trying to make sure…what? That there isn’t a hair out of place? Make sure that your clothes are as perfect, crisp and pristine as you need them to be in order to leave the house and come- here so that everyone around you can look at you and think, “Damn! Now there is a man that has it together. From head to toe he looks the part of a-“ what? A president? A king maybe? Like a little man is sitting on your shoulders helping you to see all the good things in you. (He smiles, laughs a little.)I do the same thing in the mornings, but I see something different in my reflection, I’m looking for- I guess you could say…purpose.